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The Tender Care team is very tender caring with amazing top-notch service! I would recommend them to all of my friends and family!

Mr. Connor

Physical Therapist Patient

The staff is very knowledgeable and helped me on every piece of equipment they have. I am very happy to feel good again and walking. I would recommend Tender Care Rehab to anyone.

Mr. Ramirez

Physical Therapist Patient

Exceptional. Everyone is skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Recovering from a total knee replacement isn’t easy. They know how to teach, assist, encourage and push you to get the best outcome.

Mr. Stillman

Physical Therapy Patient

Convenient and close to home. Excellent experience! All of the staff are very nice and friendly. They gave me extra time, patience, and caring.

Mrs. Hyslop

Physical Therapy Patient

We're Different

More than just your typical rehab services.

Aquatic Therapy

We have the largest Aquatic pool on the westside, providing a unique therapy with aquatic resistance and a cardio exercise plan that is customized to the individual.

Post Covid-19 Rehab Services

We offer therapeutic interventions focusing on Cardio Pulmonary rehabilitation and retraining, vertigo/fall prevention, and muscle weakness rehabilitation due to Covid symptoms.

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Physical Therapy

Our therapists provide hands-on treatments to treat pain, correct postural alignment, and craft exercise programs to restore function quickly,

Occupational Therapy

Focusing on treatments based on a patient’s daily activities.

Speech Therapy

Our Clinical Speech-Language Therapists develop Individualized treatment plans for the patients that require specific speech therapy needs.

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Transitional Care

Let us assist you as you travel through the healthcare system from post-op to home visits and treatments.

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